Typical Customer's Applications of our products:
Hysteresis brakes / Clutches   
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Steel Wire Machine Radial Tire Machine
HD-303应用于缠绕机1.jpg HD-303应用于缠绕机.jpg
Winding Machine (Model: HD303) Winding Machine (Model: HC303)
Our hysteresis brakes provide precise tension control in high speed applications, especially the automated winding or unwinding process in manufacturing. It saves cost in two aspects: Firstly, it saves materials like yarns, cables, wires, tripes effectively. Secondly, it is much more durable and thus save the maintainence cost because of it's fricitionless-control properties.
Hysteresis Dynamometer 
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Motor Torque Testing Brake Testing (Full System)

Application in yarn's warping machine
Application of Fabrics Unwinding system with tension monitor and control
Electronic Tensioner in closed loop application


Demo of ATST series Active Servo Tensioner


Demo of motor test by hysteresis dynamometer 


Simple motor load-life test with Validmagnetics hysteresis brake


Application of Servo Tensioner SET100-RD in winding motors of mobile phone


Application of Validmagnetics 1Nm hysteresis brake on lathe machine


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